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Dear Sirs,

Marta Antosikthe stay in a foreign country is always connected with stress and emotions.           Staying abroad  either in  business or privately besides of positive impressions we experience     a lot of difficulties.

We mean here among others language barriers and culture differences (e.g. unacquaintance with habits ruling or being accepted in the country).
The lack of practical knowledge about                                   the country,administrative structures or even unacquaintance with city and intercity communication network (what disturbs a fast moving from one to another place and what causes inefficient way of managing business affairs), causes substantial difficulties and sometimes can discourage for the activity.

Being accustomed to the rules usual in the mother country, we feel sometimes lost and lonely abroad. Often the matters or situations which for citizens make no problem, for foreigners however are or seem to be unsolved or require to spend more time to resolve them.

Thanks to many year's contacts and co-operations with foreigners arriving to Poland and thanks to people spread all over our country and having a good command of foreign languages, possessing the personal experience from abroad, we can place at the disposal of foreigners not only the knowledge and experience in dealing with strenuous formalities, but we help them in reasonable way to organise all activities connected with relocations, to make the planning of leisure time (for example to present an attractive cultural program), and what often is more important- we give foreigners a good advice in every life situation in Poland.

More about the range of our activities you will find in our offer.
We encourage you also to contact us via form.

Hoping that our offer will be an inspiration for you to take advantage of our services during your stay in Poland and looking forward to hear from you
, we remain, with best regards.

          Marta Antosik                     

      tel. + 48 608 494 000